I'm Greg Worton. Software developer who tries hard to get his lifelong depression under control.

Sometimes around college years, I have started to realize how mental health affects our lives. I have entered psychotherapy and studied various books on mental health. The scientific ones as well as self-help books. The nature of depression lead me to the fields of spirituality, but my Mind is wired for reality supported by the scientific evidence.

The depression taught me to view people more compassionately. The work as a software developer gave me a more in-depth insight into how technology influences our life. Both the good and not so good way.

There are topics which I believe are essential in the course of human life. At both the individual and at the level of society. Issues like life values, psychological health, life-technology connection, and maybe a few questions related to moral. The goal of the GregWorton.com is to write about these topics.

Opinions presented here are compiled from quite a few personal and professional experiences, years of therapy, as well as stories of people I have met. I hope at least some of them will find readers helpful.


I'm a software developer. I have no psychology nor neuroscience education. And I'm not a therapist either. Opinions presented here are only personal ones. They can help you to form your own, but in the case of a severe mental state, one should always consult an educated psychologist. No blog can replace regular medical caretaking.